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The COVID-19 vaccination requirement for visitors to IDJJ facilities has been suspended as of 1/12/23. Visitors may be required to complete a rapid COVID-19 test when they arrive at the facility. 

Contact Us (Contáctenos) 

General Information

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For general inquiries about the Department's activities, call 217-557-1030 between the hours of 8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. [central standard time].

Some communication with the agency will require a letter to the following addresses:

Springfield Address:
2715 W. Monroe Street
Springfield, IL 62704

Chicago Address:
60 East Van Buren St., Suite 1374
Chicago, IL 60605

Facility Information

Address and telephone numbers of facilities can be found in our facilities section.

Victim's Assistance

For victim notification and information, contact Illinois Prison Review Board at 217-782-7273.


For questions about aftercare or community supervision, please contact 312-633-5219.


Contact Deputy Director or Programs Rob Vickery at 312-415-6511 or email for more information about volunteering with the Illinois Department of Juvenile Justice.

Technical Assistance

All problems related to the Illinois Department of Juvenile Justice's website should be directed to Dominique Newman at

Freedom of Information Act


Freedom of Information Act requests for records should be submitted to:

Michael Walters
Freedom of Information Officer
Illinois Department of Juvenile Justice
60 E. Van Buren, Suite 1374
Chicago, IL 60605




Media Inquiries

Please contact:

Dominique Newman
60 E. Van Buren, Suite 1374
Chicago, IL 60605