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The COVID-19 vaccination requirement for visitors to IDJJ facilities has been suspended as of 1/12/23. Visitors may be required to complete a rapid COVID-19 test when they arrive at the facility. 

Visitation Rules

Reglas de visita 

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All visitors, including attorneys, must be on the youth's approved visiting list in order to visit. Prospective visitors should contact the youth to have them placed on the visiting list. Information on this page is intended to answer questions and provide guidance for individuals who want to visit a youth at an Illinois Youth Center. You may also check the visitation information for each facility regarding visiting hours and other information in this list.

DJJ wants youth to have regular visits with family members and supports

  • Visits are allowed every day between 8:00am and 8:00pm and must be scheduled at least 48 hours in advance.
  • Visits cannot interrupt scheduled programming including school and groups. 
  • Visits are scheduled to last at least two hours. Youth are usually limited to three visitors at any time.

The following types of visitors are usually allowed but must be reviewed and approved in advance:

  • Immediate and extended family
  • “Fictive” family (people who aren’t related by blood or marriage, but are part of youth's family and close support network)
  • Individuals youth identifies as being positive supports like a teacher, counselor or mentor
  • A long-term and serious boyfriend or girlfriend or the parent of the youth's child.

 Once approved, visitors will be placed on your approved visitor list.


Visitors may bring in food for youth on Honors level or for birthday or graduation celebrations. All food items brought in by family must be in original packaging. Purchase receipt is required. Unsealed drinks are not allowed. Only one serving of food is allowed. Youth are not allowed to take anything to and from visitation without DJJ Administrator approval.


  • All visitors are subject to search prior to admission and must wear appropriate, non-revealing clothing.
  • Visitors will also be searched prior to and upon conclusion of the visit.
  • Visits are subject to monitoring and recording unless the visit is a confidential attorney visit or other privileged visit. These visits must be arranged ahead of time.

Please adhere to all visiting rules.

Visits may be ended for disruptive behavior, violation of State or Federal laws, exchanging of an item during a visit, possession or being under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or possession of contraband. Future visits may also be suspended because of visitation rule violations.

Attorney Visits

Youth have the right to private conferences with their attorney, or attorneys retained by parents or with attorneys appointed by the court. Attorneys must show their attorney registration card. Attorney visits are routinely scheduled between 9am and 5pm, but other arrangements may be approved by the Superintendent.

WebEx Video Visits

In addition to in-person visits, we want youth to connect with family and supports using video visits. Video visits are available every day from 8:00am to 8:00pm when a Youth/Family Specialist (YFS) or Mental Health Professional (MHP) is available. If you’re unable to schedule a WebEx visit within these parameters, your YFS can help identify someone else to assist with your video visit. Video visits cannot interrupt scheduled programming including school and groups. Video visits will be scheduled for at least 30 minutes. Video visits can be with any of a youth's approved visitors, and special video visits can be approved by DJJ Administrators.

WebEx can be used to connect more than one approved visitor from multiple locations (for example, your mom and grandmother can participate in the same WebEx even if they live in different cities). If someone joins a video visit who is not pre-approved, DJJ staff will ask them to leave the visit. No video or photographs are allowed during the video visit. Staff may end the WebEx youth or visitors don’t follow expectations and staff instructions.

Illinois Administrative Code, Chapter IX, Subchapter d, Part 2525, Section 2525.20