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Anyone, 6 months of age and older, is eligible to receive the COVID-19 vaccine. Find your nearest vaccination location at

Visitation Rules

All visitors, including attorneys, must be on the youth's approved visiting list in order to visit. Prospective visitors should contact the youth to have them placed on the visiting list. Information on this page is intended to answer questions and provide guidance for individuals who want to visit a youth at an Illinois Youth Center. You may also check the visitation information for each facility regarding visiting hours and other information in this list.

Illinois Administrative Code, Chapter IX, Subchapter d, Part 2525, Section 2525.20

Effective on January 31, 2022, all visitors to IDJJ facilities must comply with a COVID-19 vaccination requirement resulting from arbitration:

Visitors may visit in person if they meet one of the following requirements:



Fully Vaccinated

·       Have received both doses of either the Moderna or Pfizer vaccine or the single dose of Johnson and Johnson by date of visit.

·       Bring proof of vaccination to each visit. The original vaccination card, a photo of the vaccination card, or a copy of the vaccination card are acceptable

Partially Vaccinated

·       Have received the first dose of either Moderna or Pfizer vaccine by date of visit, with the second vaccine due within 35 days of the visit.

·       Bring proof of vaccination to each visit. The original vaccination card, a photo of the vaccination card, or a copy of the vaccination card are acceptable

Exemption Pending

·       Submit a medical or religious exemption request on or before the date of the visit.

·       Your child’s Youth & Family Specialist can provide you with the exemption request form.

·       You can visit while the exemption request is pending,

·       If your request is not approved, you must meet either the Fully Vaccinated or Partially Vaccinated Status.

·       Bring the confirmation email or letter you receive when you submit your exemption request to each visit.

Exemption Granted

·       IDJJ has approved your medical or religious exemption request.

·       Bring the letter from IDJJ approving your exemption request to each visit.



If you need assistance arranging a vaccination appointment or assistance with transportation, please contact the Healthcare Unit Administrator at your facility.

As part of ongoing COVID-19 mitigation, visitors may be required to complete a rapid COVID-19 test when they arrive at the facility and before visiting with a youth.

  1. The rapid COVID-19 test includes a nasal swab (inserted less than an inch into the nostril).
  2. Results are available in about 15 minutes.

In addition to in-person visitation, IDJJ will continue providing additional video visits using WebEx. If you would like to request a video visit, please contact your child’s Youth & Family Specialist or the Superintendent of the facility where your child is staying.

IDJJ is committed to the safety of the youth in our custody and also is focused on strengthening families. We know how important in-person visits are and want to partner with you to reduce any barriers to visitation. Please do keep your child’s Youth & Family Specialist updated on any issues that prevent you from visiting or utilizing WebEx video visits.